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General Questions - General Questions
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New Posts (Locked) KB's Avatar Program Shutdown when I try to use LiveView
I get an error message when I try to view my entire house in LiveView. It shuts the whole entire program down... If I view individual floors it's fine but it won't let me view all floors. This is the error message I get... P!PROHD caused an invalid page f

KB , 4/7/2002 5:00:00 AM(UTC)
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New Posts (Locked) jeffe's Avatar Eliminating foundations in LiveView and viewing piers instead
I have a sloped property and am designing with piers instead of foundation walls. Unfortunately, even with neither floor including a foundation, and it not showing in 2d, it shows in 3d, and piers do not show anywhere...any ideas?? Jeffe

jeffe , 4/4/2002 5:00:00 AM(UTC)
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New Posts (Locked) Greg's Avatar Basic dimensioning when drawing existing structure
My question is quite basic as I'm just starting to use Punch Super Home Suite 3.5.1. I am trying to draw my existing house, starting with the basement. I measured the ID of the foundation walls and associated the dimensions with a sketch of the foundation. I then calculated, based on wall thickness, what the OD dimensions of the foundation are. As I draw this based on the OD, I'm finding that as I work my way around my complicated foundation, the end of my last wall is not lining up with the beginning of my first wall, if you know what I mean. I'm off by 1' 3" on the X-axis and 1" on the Y-axis. First I questioned my calculations, then my initial ID measurements. (I'd go measure the outside, but it's late at night, and raining hard 8^) Then I noticed that the drawing dimensions seem to indicate that they are based on the 'mid-point' of the wall. I guess I'm just trying to get confirmation that as I go about reproducing my house, usually measuring the ID of a wall, I should add the thickness of the adjacent wall to account for mid-point measurement on either end, or 1/2 thickness if the wall only adjoins one wall (as in a 1/2 wall)? Thanks, Greg

Greg , 3/27/2002 5:00:00 AM(UTC)
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New Posts (Locked) Burgoon, Al's Avatar Split Levels -- Roofs, etc.
Hi, I have a split level. In using the automatic roofing tool, with 2 intersecting roofs, it created a phantom point that projected through the other roof. No good. I then tried the freehand roof tool. This worked, but it was difficult. The first side was fairly easy, I had to create a 5 sided plane and lower it into place. The 2nd side was harder because the arrow only goes one way. When you do the other side and then rotate the arrow, the sides don't match up. I solved this by creating the mirror image of the first roof on the other side, then rotating the arrow 180 degrees and then shifting it to the left and lowering it into place. There has to be an easier way. Al Burgoon

Burgoon, Al , 3/18/2002 5:00:00 AM(UTC)
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New Posts (Locked) Brink, Dan's Avatar Drawing parrallel walls
I am having a tough time in finding out how I can draw 2 lines parallel that are set distance a part. I have no problem drawing my exterior walls but with interior walls or beams I want to draw a wall a certain distance out from another wall parallel to it at a set distance. How do I do it? In other programs I have tried, a point is set on one wall then a ruler measures the distance perpendicular to the point and you set the second point snap to the second point and begin drawing from there. Help - I just can't seem to see how to do it in Punch Platinum.

Brink, Dan , 3/25/2002 5:00:00 AM(UTC)
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New Posts (Locked) Burgoon, Al's Avatar Corner Points & Bay Windows
Is there a way to add corner points to an existing exterior wall without deleting the whole thing and starting over in Professional HD? Also, I tried creating a bay window by creating 3 new exterior walls with windows in each side. This is ok, but the

Burgoon, Al , 3/21/2002 5:00:00 AM(UTC)
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New Posts (Locked) Marvin's Avatar How do I move the whole plan
I have spent a great deal of time in Pro, with this plan, but I need to center it on the workspace. I can select all and then nudge, but many interior walls and objects get left behind. Is there a way to center my plan?

Marvin , 3/16/2002 5:00:00 AM(UTC)
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New Posts (Locked) Conrick, Colin's Avatar Bay Windows
Is it Possible to do a proper bay window. The best i can do is make 3 walls at the right angles and place windows in them. What i realy want is a proper bay windows. I am using super home suite if its of any importance

Conrick, Colin , 3/2/2002 5:00:00 AM(UTC)
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New Posts (Locked) T.Kenneth's Avatar Punch for Profesionals?
I'm am curious as to how many people who own this software are in the construction profession. I am a framing carpenter and I need software for my computer to draw plans for homes and decks. I need something that is accurate but not overly complicated to

T.Kenneth , 2/19/2002 5:00:00 AM(UTC)
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New Posts (Locked) thoroughman, Dave's Avatar Gable end windows
How do you put a window into the gable end of a house? using Super home suite. The other question I have is when I create a dormer on a roof, it looks fine from the outside but I need to know how to cut away the roof so that you can see out Thanks, Dave

thoroughman, Dave , 2/13/2002 5:00:00 AM(UTC)
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